The innovivant vision

"To develop innovative products, brands and companies which will endure for generations and contribute back to our families, our communities and our world.....contributing more profoundly than by monetary means alone".

MJ Henry

Innovivant is Mark J. Henry's personal design brand, and this site brings together his favorite developments: those from his own companies, and from his valued partnerships.

Follow the innovivant vision......

The innovivant brands

MJ Henry, being innovivant, has developed memorable companies, products and brands throughout his decades of engineering for chefs.  

Innovivant continues the intensive R&D, patenting, distribution partner selection, and planning for multiple world-first product launches in coming months/years. 

Sign up for updates on our 'contact' page: we promise the announcements will be say the least.

In fact, we're predicting a revolution in more than one housewares category......


The innovivant engineer

Mark James Henry is a qualified mechanical engineer who doesn't like engineering......well, not traditional sit-at-your-desk-and-calculate-all-day-long type engineering.

What he loves is developing real solutions for real problems in industries that seem to not have had much real R&D: those old industries driven mostly by tradition, or new ones driven mostly by finance/marketing.....the usual disposable low cost/quality consumer chaff, with a thin gloss of industrial design/fashion, and high gross margins for the importers.

An Innovivant life is different......